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ID8 Nation

ID8 Nation

Entrepreneurship Discovered

Follow ID8 journalists, photographers and videographers as they showcase and report what economic developers, policy makers, educators, activists and others are doing to build startup ecosystems in communities across the U.S. and around the globe. Become an ID8er, share your stories and best practices with others building startup ecosystems. Make ID8 Nation your digital hub for what’s happening in entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurship Taught

The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) is an international organization that provides entrepreneurship education and training programs for faculty and students in academic institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations. Driven by a mission to expand human potential through entrepreneurial mindset education, ELI is redefining (entrepreneurship) education as a mindset everyone is entitled to possess. Join others who have discovered the unlimited potential in embracing an entrepreneurial mindset and enter a growing global community investing in brighter futures.

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